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Get Your Body 

Back In Shape

  • Affordable and Portable
  • Slims Down and Strengthens Core
  • Helps Protect Against Joint Pain

The Pilates Wheel Makes It Easy to Look & Feel Great

Build a strong, graceful body in just minutes a day

Just minutes a day will improve your posture & give you a leaner look.

Slim down as you strengthen and tone your body & gain flexibility.

Full body workouts improve cardio, strength, mobility & more.

Machine Pilates experience at home at a fraction of the cost.

Easy to get started. FREE! Guided workouts for all levels & fitness goals.

Grab 10 minutes whenever & wherever you can or go all in for a longer workout.

Finally, Pilates That Fits Your Budget & Time

This is one workout you’ll look forward to

Just Minutes a Day and You’ll Start Feeling a Real Difference!

Carefully designed by Master Pilates Instructors

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The Pilates Wheel gives you the proven benefits of Machine Pilates in a portable home design.
  • Smooth rolling action strengthens & lengthens
  • Works multiple muscles in a single move
  • Guides your moves & aligns your position for safe and effective results
  • Perfect for all: beginner, intermediate, and advanced
Explore The Pilates Wheel

Pilates, Strength Training and Low Impact Cardio 

– All in One!

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You get it all: adjustable smooth-rolling wheel, padded handles, foot loops, five resistance bands, a nutritional guide, 15 instructional videos, and access to over 300 streaming classes.
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The Pilates Wheel smooth rolling movement stretches while it strengthens, elongates and aligns. Feels great while improving flexibility, strength and posture.
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A full body workout to shape your shoulders, biceps and triceps; tone your abs, tighten your glutes, and strengthen your legs.
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Perfect for all ages and fitness levels with rejuvenating low-impact workouts that are gentle on the joints.
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Challenge multiple muscles without strain using the Pilates Wheel’s high quality resistance bands.
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Look and feel younger as you improve flexibility, mobility, and grace of movement.
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Designed to provide a full Reformer experience at a fraction of the cost with the resistance and support of the Pilates Wheel DLX Anchor System.
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Supercharge your strength training with rolling resistance to engages more muscles more fully.

Plus! 15 FREE Instructional Videos Included

Everything you need to get started

You’ll get hundreds of body-shaping moves, including:

  • Easy Start Orientation
  • Full Body workouts
  • Strength & Cardio
  • Abs, Arms, Legs, Back, and Core
  • Mobility & Range of Motion
  • Stretch & Align
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Access to Over 300 Classes

To Customize Your Workout

Every order comes with a FREE 30-Day subscription to Pilates Wheel Digital with over 300 streaming classes to meet your every need.

  • Create your own workout library…or use one of our existing step-by-step programs.
  • Sort by Category. No matter your level, there’s something for everyone!
    • Length of Workout
    • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
    • Fitness goal: body sculpt, cardio, strength, flexibility, mobility, posture, joint support 
  • Taught by your favorite world class, certified Pilates instructors

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Available on All Your Favorite Devices

Real People, Real Results!
Hear Why Our Customers Rave About the Pilates Wheel with 5-Star Reviews!

* Results may vary. Testimonial results based on a reduced calorie diet and regular use of the Pilates Wheel.

Roll Back Time with the Age-Defying Power of Pilates!

“Always a great workout. I’m 67 and have the mobility of a 29 year old thanks to Pilates.”

— Bonnie

Shop with Confidence

Now you can try the Pilates Wheel in your home with no worries. If you’re not happy with your purchase for ANY reason, send it back within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price!


Try it in Your Home for 30-Days with Our Money Back Guarantee!

Choose the Package That’s Right for You

COR (Center of Room)

5 Easy Payments of $39.99

The Pilates Wheel COR allows you to do hundreds of full body and targeted workouts anywhere and anytime.


  • A full body Pilates home-workout machine with hundreds of moves
  • + 15 FREE Online Instructional Videos & Classes.

  • 30-Day FREE membership to Pilates Wheel Digital. Then $9.99/month. No obligation to continue. Cancel anytime.

  • Nutrition Guide + Sample Exercise Plan

DLX (Deluxe)

5 Easy Payments of $51.99

The Pilates Wheel DLX brings even more to your workouts by anchoring your system, you can do every single Reformer move for even more versatility.


  • A full body Pilates home-workout machine with hundreds of moves
  • Anchoring system that allows up to 40% more moves.

  • + 15 FREE Online Instructional Videos & Classes

  • 30-Day FREE membership to Pilates Wheel Digital. Then $9.99/month. No obligation to continue. Cancel anytime.

  • Nutrition Guide + Sample Exercise Plan


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Warning: This is a fitness apparatus and can cause serious injury if misused or not used as instructed. Be aware of your own physical abilities and limitations and exercise accordingly.

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